About Us

 Sugar Lips skin care products was inspired by my then twelve year old daughter who watched me battle with side effects of stage 3 Breast Cancer. As she watched my body go through many changes, she often wondered what she could do to help me with the changes in my skin. She wanted to help me find quality skin care products that weren't filled with harmful chemical and wouldn't cause additional irritation to my already fragile skin. After some research, we found very few affordable products that were made with all natural ingredients.

 In 2016 my daughter cane up with the idea to make natural lip balm and lip gloss, and just like that, Sugar Lips was born. After marketing the lip gloss we came across a demand for other natural skin care products such as lotions, bath bombs and soaps out of natural ingredients we had around our home.

 Sugar Lips leaves you skin feeling super hydrated. We went you to have confidence in the ingredients you use to nourish your body. That is why we only use the best natural ingredients. Sugar Lips uses organic, vegan and some paraben free ingredients that helps to cleanse and moisturize the skin on your face, lips, hair and  body keeping your skin healthy.